Install XModGames for iOS, iPhone[Jailbreak & Without it]

admin / October 12, 2017

So , you are very fond of gaming then you must have heard about the name of Xmodgames. As it has earned a very big recognition among the gamers and common populace . Xmodgames is a fun app which makes you able to find out the interesting mods and can apply them to the popular games like Xmod Clash of clans iPhone, Clash Royale, Mine craft , Subway surfer and various other games which are very popular among peoples. Xmodgames allows you to modify all of the games and you are able to do this without even any hassle. But, everything is not that much easy there is a little one problem and this is that you are not able to get this APK from your app store. Now , worrying that from where you can get this app we will told you each and every step here that how you can install this xmod for iPhone, iPad or iOS.  As you are aware that for installing app you need to do the jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad. Today, we give you the methods of installing Xmodgames For iphone device without any jailbreak . Xmod is one of the application which has tweaks and mods of almost every game and getting all these benefits for free is just like a miracle that comes true . But this application is absolutely free and encourages all of the gamers to play games with more flexibility and perfection and tell best part of this app is that you do not even require any jailbreak of your iOS device . While using the Xmod application you can screenshot, record the video and even chat with the other players who are also using this application on their iOS device .

Features of Xmodgames

There are a lot of features of the Xmod app which can be used by you for making your game better. We are going to tell you some of the features of Xmodgames –

1 . Real-time traps / Tesla’s: This feature of Xmodgames can help you in finding out the Tesla’s and the traps of your opponent, this is one of the best and craziest feature by which you can spy on your opponent.

2 . Copy player layout: With help of this feature the Xmod players are able to create a layout which is given to the users who give a defensive amazing look .

3 . Sandbox Attack: By this feature of Xmodgames players can even do the sand atatcks before doing the real attacks on their opponent and it is highly recommended to take the sandbox attack. As , there is no limit to choose the troops and you can choose any of the number.

4 . Manage loots: With help of this feature you are also able to limit up the gold and even start searching for loot . With this application you can automatically detected the eligible village found .

5 . You will be able to find out the several mods for a single game which will surely be a great fun for the whole new level .

6 . The best of the feature of Xmodgames app is that it comes with a gaming accelerator which boots up the gaming speed and allows you to play your favorite game without any glitches.

7 . This app also has the auto – update feature which updates the mods automatically to enhance your gaming experience .

How to Download & install the Xmodgames on your iPhone or iPad or iOS ( by using .Deb file )

Xmodgames download ios Method – 1 :

Step – 1 : So , first of all you need to download or install the .deb file of Xmodgames iOS. You can download this file by following the below link.

After clicking on the above link a pop up will get appeared in front of you with two options you have to click on the option of save file. As soon as you click on that option your downloading will begin shortly.

Step – 2 : Now , after downloading the file next you have to install iFun box on your apple device . You can download the iFun box from any online website or also can follow the below mentioned link.

Step – 3 : After downloading the iFun box on your PC or laptop . You have to connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer by using USB cable .

Step – 4 : Next , launch the iFun box in your device and move to the ” Cydia App install ” from the connected devices option in iFun box .

Step – 5 : Now , you have to drag the x.deb file to this Cydia app install section of iFun box . After doing it , you have to restart or reboot your  iPhone / iPad .

Step – 6 : In the process of above steps Xmodgames .deb file will get automatically installed and automatically deleted .

xmodgames ios no jailbreak: This is all you have to do for getting this awesome app. This method of download Xmodgames iOS does not require any jailbreak, but for it you must have PC or laptop with you. There is another method of installing Xmod for iOS for this you need to jailbreak your device.

Xmods download ios Method – 2 :

Step – 1 : After jailbreaking your iPhone or ipad , install the Cydia app on your apple device.

Step – 2 : After, downloading and installing the Cydia app to your device a new screen will get pop up in front of you where yo have to click on the option of Sources.

Step – 3 : Next , you have to click on the edit option which is present at the top right side corner of your screen. After it you will see another option of ADD . Click on that Add option from the new screen that appears in front of you after clicking on Edit.

Step – 4 : As you click on the add option a new window will get appeared in front of you on your iPhone or iPad. This new window will ask you to enter the Cydia / APT URL.

Step – 5 : In this small box you have to type and then click on the option of Add source which is available at right bottom side of this newly appeared window.

Step – 6 : After clicking on the add sources option the Xmodgames will start downloading.

Step – 7 : Now , after the Xmodgames get downloaded you have to just click on the “ Xmodgames” option and select the option of “ All packages” . Then , again click on the Xmodgames option the installation process will begin shortly.

After following these above simple steps you will successfully get your Xmodgames app on iPhone or iPad. You can use this method if you are not having PC or laptop.

Closure , 

Xmodgames are working very efficiently and perfectly on iOS 11.1 , iOS 11 , iOS 10.3 , iOS 9.3.1 / 9.3.2 / 9.3.3 or iOS 9.4 on iPhone and iPad. So, in this tutorial, we give you the complete information about Xmodgames app and how you can install this awesome app on your iPhone / iPad or iOS without even facing the jailbreak problem. The all you need to do is to just follow the above-mentioned steps and install this app on your device without any problem. Still if you face any problem then you can contact us we are here for solving all of your queries and problems regarding the installation or downloading issues of Xmodgames app.