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Why I Have Install and Run XModGames in BlueStacks?

If you are a game lover than I am sure you must have been aware with the name of XMOD-games. Well in case if you don’t know yet, XMOD games is a kind of application which is used by the game lovers to help them find the various MODS and apply them on their favourite games such as the clash of clans, mine craft, subway surfers etc.

Well yes, guys you can install the XMOD GAMES on your Windows computer with the help of Blue Stacks. Here in this article, we are going to tell you the way to do the same.

How to Root Bluestacks 3

So, if you are a windows pc users and wondering that whether you can install the XMOD GAMES on your pc directly instead of the Android Smartphone.

Follow the below step to step guide in the same order.

  • You will need the Android Emulator in order to download the XMOD GAMES on your pc.
  • Then you need to download and install the rooted version of the Blue Stacks which is having the Android Emulator.
  • After installing the Blue-Stacks Emulator you need to download the XMOD GAMES APK files.
  • Now go to the superuser settings on Blue Stacks and there grant the rooting permission for the XMOD GAMES
  • Next just open the XMOD GAMES application and once the application gets open it will automatically detect whatever games you have installed on your pc.
  • After detecting the games list it will automatically apply the suitable MODS to the games.
  • Now you will need to download the MODS for the various games.
  • Once you download the MODS you need to click on the launch button and you are done.

So, guys, this is how you can install the XMOD GAMES on the windows pc with the help of Blue Stacks. We hope that this tutorial article would help you.

Bluestacks 3 Rooted Download

cs / September 7, 2018

Why Is Not Doing Anything Supercell Detect XMOD Users?

Well, for Supercell it is not possible to detect XMOD users. When you are in game activities they are not able to detect you/user. It is difficult for the Supercell to check whether the user is good and just doing the mod in game.

The supercell has a sneaky method to check the XMOD. COC is used to check the notifications of the XMOD. The notifications appear at the top of the screen while the user is playing the game. You need to ban or avoid these notifications by simply turning off the notification mode.

Can Supercell Detect XMOD?

Supercell cannot detect XMOD. The supercell is not able to detect users because it is difficult for the supercell to identify whether the user is good at playing games or simply using a game for a mod purpose.

COC helps to find the XMOD with the help of notification users get on the top while playing games. And to avoid this user can turn off the notification.

cs / September 6, 2018

Why User Have Be Banned Using Xmodgames In Clash Of Clans?

XModgames has too many benefits with much features available on it but a thing can create problems is that you can only use XModgames App on rooted devices.

Almost all the major game developers had banned their games to be appearing on XModgames because they think that Xmodgames doesn’t promote the games fairly.

Xmodgames Still Ban In Clash Of Clans

If you are again trying playing with XModgames then it can create a problem for you as developer of any game that you play through XModgames determine that you are using the app and they may terminate or suspend your account from the game permanently and no one takes the responsibility of this neither we nor the developers of XModgames will take any responsibility.

cs / September 5, 2018

How To Hack Clash Of Clans Xmodgames Really

Xmodgames only controls your game as per settings and configurations and is not a hacking tool it is a script.

According to research Xmodgames is illegal as per the fair play. If you try to use Xmodgames on your account firstly of it will bane for the time being but for temporarily purpose only.

As above informed you that Xmodgames is not a hacker but it is not legal for your account to use this. When we are aware of the cons of this Xmodgames then why to use this on our account. As the clash of clans is a most popular game among youngster youth and we can also say that how much they are addicted to this game.

Clash Of Clans Speed Up Time Hack Android

cs / September 4, 2018

Free Download of MX Video Player For PC

Isn’t a good news that MX Video Player now can be downloaded for your PC. You will now able to enjoy HD quality videos on your PCs also. As MX player is like important in our every device as for how much we are addicted to watching videos a late night.

As MX player will also not affect our eyes as it has a night mode that protects our eyes from rays coming from PCs and we need the video in HD quality that’s for what it is popular. When you will download it in your PC you will get this with the latest version, not any old version. The most important thing about the MX Player is that it is completely free and open source and can be downloaded in just a minute only.

MX Player Download For PC

MX Player For PC Windows 7,8, 10

MX Player For Laptop

Yes MX Player now can be downloaded easily for you laptops also.

cs / September 3, 2018

How To Download MX Player APK For Android

MX Player is now also available for androids. MX player is very fast and always available. It’s audio and video player is that much fast and with high quality in HD mode. It is available with advanced support and features to you. MX player has earned very good reputation with 4.5/5 on 6524539 reviews.

Now you can judge the demand for this application. On your Android device, the gestures and other impressive features of this app make video playback smooth and handy. You can enjoy while watching the video as you can pinch zoom in between video also.

MX Video Player For Android

MX Player App Download

HD Max Player Download

You can see the HD quality of the video in the image given below that how clear it is.

cs / September 1, 2018

How To Download MX Player For iPhone, ios, Mac

MX player is the most powerful audio and video player for all mobile phones. It has an advanced feature and compatible with all other players for audio or video. You can easily download from play store.

Even it can be downloaded in iPhones. MX player is free and safe to use and most popular player app for listening songs or watching any mode video. MX player app has maintained its reviews and earned 4.5/5 star rating. MX player is much better than an old player i.e. VLC that was used earlier.

MX Player For ios


MX Video Player For Mac


HD MX Video Player Download