Xmodgames APK – Download V2.4.0 For Android

admin / October 28, 2017

Playing games always give fun and enjoyment to everyone and all of us like playing games on our mobile phones . For those game lovers we have an app which is Xmodgames about which today we are going to discuss . Many of the games require a lot of memory that we can not play then in low-end smart phones . For such purpose, Xmod game app is invented for you which enhances the experience of user by breaking all of the restrictions of the game . In some of the games like Clash Royale , boom Beach etc we need to pass all of the levels for getting more points or coins which is really very complex to complete. But , this Xmod games has released many plugins , mods , accelerators for the high-end games by just providing the continuous support for it’s users.

There are a lot of websites on internet which claims that they are able to provide more number of gems and coins in clash of clans by just hacking the main server , but in reality it is not possible as the servers are highly secured, the only way which is possible for getting more number of gems is by using the Xmod games app . By this Xmod games app we can also use the unlimited troops, spell etc in the latest mod games. Basically, Xmod games APK is one of the best hacking tool which allows you to create changes in different games by just adding some changes in the settings . Today we will tell you different  ways to Xmod games download.

You are able to get gold , points and coins etc to your favorite games by using this Xmod games app which simply enhances your experience and fun with the different games . This is the very easy game hacking tool for Android users which is capable of creating modifications in the latest games also. As it is a having tool so we know that it is not legal to use due to which we are unable to find this Xmod games APK on our Google play store. But if you wanted to get or Xmodgames Free download, then we will tell you below in this article that how you can get this Xmod APK on your Android device.

Xmodgames app has made the gaming operations very easy , you are able to Xmod download it easily from the official website of Xmod games . As you are already familiar with some of the most popular games , which you were definitely been playing from long time , but playing games again and again at same level or same platform makes you bore a lot as the time passes , for making it interesting we have an solution , you can make the changes in the game according to your choice in the previous settings of the game and you can make them more interesting and attractive also by just simply using the Xmodgames apk . It is the most awaited and demanded app in the market of game lovers . There are some levels in your game which appears to be difficult or you are stuck to that particular level and trying to cross it from long time but unfortunately you fails . At this situation you can use the Xmodgames app which makes your level easier to play or sometimes it skips that particular level which feels to you difficult to cross .

Some of the popular games which are supported by the Xmodgames APK are-

  • Who stole me ?
  • The Sims free play
  • The Simpsons : Tapped out
  • Summoners War
  • Subway surfer
  • Spider – man infinit
  • Plant vs Zombie 2
  • Piano tile
  • Pet Rescue saga
  • Mine Craft PE
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Epic heroes
  • Clash of Clans
  • Cheating Tom
  • Candy crush saga
  • Bubble witch saga 2
  • Angry birds go
  • Ace fishing
  • 8 Ball pool
  • 2048
  • Pokemon Go
  • Mine craft PE
  • Stack
  • Fallout shelter
  • Traffic rider

Requirements of Xmod games APK

App name Xmodgames ( Xmod )
Supported versions Android v2.3 and above
App size 9.5 MB
Stable version v2.4.0
Developers XMG team
Updated on January 7 , 2017

Features of Xmod games APK

There are several useful and very good features because of which Xmodgames app is not only just popular but also has been legally authorized by Cyber law but not for Google store. There are many games which are supported by this application instead of offering any of the damage to the game globally. Let us discuss some of its features :

1 . Xmod games application manages the games properly and completely. So , in this xmod games app it is made user-friendly and have an integrated user interface . You can launch the game by using this app in just one click with the feature of auto-detection of game list.

2 . There are a lot of new gadgets available in market and get released continuously in the market which offers a proper social interaction of the game . This application offers the built in screen along with the Smooth HD recording. You can get the social interaction in this Xmod app, Xmodgames has a forum where all of the users can discuss about the games as they are playing and can get some suggestions and feedback about the same .

If you always be up to date with the application then you can get the latest information about this APK and what will be the Xmod latest version coming soon in the market . For providing an unmatched gaming experience users can also download Xmodgames APK some of the interesting tool too.

3 . There are a lot of effective tools for playing the games in Xmodgames apk . This speeds up the level of excitement and you can also share your experience and review through forums with others .

4 . This app allows you to hack all of the popular games as , the Xmodgames is available with different mods . There are some mods which helps in increasing the capacity in terms of life and time while some other mods improve the graphics of game . These modes works or act as an accelerator for the games .

5 . The previous version of Xmodgames was also available for non – rooted Android device but the latest version after fixing all of the bugs and issues is only available for telephonic rooted Android device . So , you must need to root your device first before downloading the app .

6 . The other very appreciative feature of Xmodgames is  that it allows you to record your screen with HD videos . This feature is specially helpful for the bloggers and You Tubers . You can take the screen when playing your favorite game and can share your screen shot or video dire on the app forum .

7 . There is one special feature of Xmod which other modding apps do not have is that it has automated plugins and scripts which allows you playing most of the games automatically . With this automated feature , you can automate many things and subsequently increase your level of playing the games .

How do Xmod games enhance the gaming experience

This app allows its users to play each and every level of the game and you can also skip or surpass the level which feels you to be difficult to pass or consuming a lot of time in clearing . You can skip all those hard levels which you do not want to play.

There are numerous possibilities of the match which were made possible with the help of mod feature of your favorite game .

With the help of the online forums that are available in Xmod apk you can find out the gamers which have same interests like you and can share your views with each other.

If you wanted to demonstrate the methods and hacking trucks of the game through this app then the recording feature is also available for you in the game play by xmod.

How to download Xmod games for Android devices

For getting or installing the Xmod games apk on your Android device you must need to first of all root your device. There are alot of methods available online for rooting your device . You can check them . After rooting your Android device follow the below mentioned steps for Xmod games APK download on your device –

Step – 1 : You have to first of all download the app file of Xmod games . For getting the app file you can following the below provided download link . Click on the download button after clicking on the link . You download will began shortly.


Step – 2 : Now , you have to first of all provide the access to the unknown sources . Go to the mobile settings option then their you will find the option of security here scroll down and click on the option of unknown sources .

Step – 3 : After clicking on the unknown sources you have to go to the downloaded apk file and then click on it . You will find the option of install . Now , install the apk file on your device .

Step – 4 : Once, the app gets installed on your Android device , you have to allow the root permission for the app.

Step – 5 : After giving the root permission to your device all of the available games will get listed out on apps dashboard which are present on your device for hacking or modding.

Step – 6 : For getting the mods which are available for each game , you have to click on the mods tab available in the app . After clicking all of the details which are related to the mods will appear on your mobile screen like as mod description , it’s use , the version of game and how does it works or function .

Step – 7 : Next , after downloading the chosen mod successfully you have to click on the icon to launch the application . This will provide you with the friendly user interface which are equipped with different features . Now , you can use the mod in the way you like and are able to get the best of hacking and modding gaming experience .

Pros and Cons of Xmod games


1 . You are able to improve your gaming efficiency by the multiple folds by just using the multiple mods provided by the app.

2 . The mods for different games provides the infinite possibilities for the app users.

3 . The online forum of Xmodgames has a gang of the gamers which has similar interests for sharing their views , tricks etc .

4 . It has very easy methods and hacks can be demonstrated to others by simply recording the game play .


1 . Their will not be fair play for everyone when any user uses this app .

2 . Using this Xmod games app you can lead to ban of your account in few of the games as it is illegal .

3 . It is an aggressive act if you have accepted the terms and conditions of the developers of Xmod games.

Closure , 

As the Xmod games works very well on the rooted devices but some times it happens that it does not work in this situation you have to first of all check whether it has been rooted properly or not . Presently , there are some devices which are not being supported by Xmodgames like blackberry , ASUS Zenfone 5 , some Android emulators , and Samsung devices with Android lollipop . The developers of Xmodgames are working on this issue and you will be soon able to play your games on these devices also wait till then. Regularly update your app as the update is available by text developers with fixed bugs and resolved problems . So , do not just be limited of playing games with me enhanced features , hacks or cheats which are available you can also increase your horizon by being the part of the Xmodgames forum and can get connected to the numerous other users by sharing your interest with them . The interface design of the app is very user friendly and easy to use so that you will not face any problem in using it . Playing the games with the Xmod games with improved graphics gives you a chance to have a real time enjoyment . So , we told you almost every important thing about Xmodgames apk that how it works , it’s feature , use etc . so that you do not have any query or problem with it . Today , we come to know about the very easy steps of downloading the Xmodgames apk on your Android device. Now , what are you waiting for go download Xmod APK and enjoy this awesome experience of gaming by saving your time , increasing lifespan or gaining more points along with many of other features. If you find any problem then contact us we will be happy to help you by solving your queries regarding any downloading or installing issue .

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Ques – 1: I am unable to see the Xbot when I started the mod. Why ?

Ans – 1 : For the users of MIUI , Huawei , Huawei EMUI2.X , you have to first of all give the permission to the pop – up window of Xmod games first . For this  follow the below steps –

For the MIUI users

Step – 1 : Go to the settings of your mobile device .

Step – 2 : Now , go to the section of installed apps then search for the Xmodgames.

Step – 3 : Click on it and go to the permission manager option , a pop up window will get displayed in front of you accept it .

For the Huawei users

Step – 1 : Go to the mobile settings option.

Step – 2 : Go to the section of All, then go to the notification manager and drop zones option.

Step – 3 : Now, click on the option of Xmodgames.

So , by following all these above steps you will see the Xbot .


Ques – 2: When I open the mod it says install failed / request timed out / connection error. What should I do?

Ans – 2 : First of all check the internet connection of your device and then restart your device and check for few more times.

Now , download the VPN application from Google play store or app stores which you like, such as the super VPN , hotspot VPN and Hola.

Next , you have to restart your device and open the Xmodgames and then enjoy your gaming experience.


Ques – 3: How can I use the accelerator in Xmodgames?

Ans – 3 : First of all you have to open the Xmod games app and then turn the accelerator ON in the MORE page option.

Now, start the game which you want to play through Xmod games.

Next you have to tap the floating window ( Xbot ) and you will see the accelerator button there.

Tap on that accelerator button and set the value According to your choice.


Ques – 4: Why does the mod is not working? What should I do?

Ans – 4 : After installing the mod you have to start your game with Xmodgames app . Then, you need to tap on the Xbot and then click on the Mod button for activating the mod function.


Ques – 5: Why does the COC crash in Xmodgames?

Ans – 5: The reason for this can be that the latest COC Xmod mod version does not support the COC game version of your device. You can solve this problem by updating COC game version to the version Xmod COC APK Mod support. If you want to get more details then you can get the related information from the XmodGames COC Mod description in Xmod games APK.


Ques – 6: Why does the Xmod cannot detect the game ( no launch button )?

And – 6: First of all you have to make sure that you have successfully downloaded the game . If you have downloaded the game you still can not detect it and no launch button. Then we suggest you to download the game from Google play store , then open it on Xmod and reinstall the mod again. Your problem will get resolved.


Ques – 7: I am unable to see the Xmod icon after installing the Xmodgames APK. Why ?

Ans – 7 : if you are facing this problem then follow the below steps for solving it.

1 . First of all open the Cydia , then search and install the afc2add .

2 . If you have installed the app sync , please re install it again .

3 . If you have installed the uikit tools , you have to reinstall it and reboot your device.


Ques – 8 : How can I view the video files which a have recorded with the Xmodgames?

Ans – 8: First of all open the Cydia app.

  • Now install afc2add
  • Next, you have to install Apple file conduit 2
  • Now, you can open your file in the path disk/library/application support/Xmodgames / XX record

So , by this, you can find out the video files which you have been recorded.